After upgrade, unable to go in discourse

Hello all,

We had just upgrade from 2 to 3 our discourse,

It is stock with no plugin except docker_manager

I have this error on client side :

Nothing server side. I can safe mode with no_plugins only

But I cannot determinate which setting cuz this issue

Can you help me please.

Edit : I already deleted all themes components, so I am on full stock theme

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Hi, welcome :wave:

There is an issue and I’m afraid you will need to rebuild your forum from the console:


Thank for fast reply :grin:

I need to disable the plugin in yaml ?

Cuz I never upgrade via docker manager

I did ./launch rebuild app

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There is no need to turn off the plugin; rebuilding to upgrade Discourse should be enough!

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When I go in safe mode, after rebuild, I am on discourse 3.1.4, and I still cannot load the forum

Hello back, I checked, on stable version (3.1.4), plugin api is 1.8.0, maybe I need to specify something to docker_manager to be in phase with Discourse 3.1.4

But how I specify specific tag in plugin command ?

Hello :wave: Here is a possible quick solution while the fix is coming to docker_manager: DEV: Use new JS plugin API to add admin sidebar link (#201) · discourse/docker_manager@5a0499a · GitHub


This workaround works fine, thank you :slight_smile:

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Cross-posting this here, the problem commit has now been reverted:

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