Problem with api version when updating docker manager

I am having an issue with MY FORUM where it’s just continuously loading. I did update the docker today and that seems to be what is causing the issue but I don’t know if/how I can revert that. I’m able to access the site in safe mode and have disabled all plugins, elements, and themes but it still won’t load out of safe mode. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!


I think I’ve hit this as well. I updated docker manager through the UI and afterwards my site wouldn’t load. It loads in safe mode with no plugins (I only have official ones), but then I don’t have docker manager to run the main update of Discourse itself.

I’m currently doing a ./launcher rebuild app from the command line and I’m hoping that sorts it. :crossed_fingers:


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I think this happens here:

The Plugin Api version changed here to 1.24.0

And the recent update in Docker Manager is use this plugin api version.

So you have to update Discourse too because Docker Manager use plugin api version which higher than Discourse used plugin api version before update and Docker Manager will break.

The problem with this in admin you can only update first Docker Manager so rebuild required in this case.


Pardon my ignorance but will I lose all my forum posts if I do a rebuild?

No, your data will be left alone. :+1: You can read more detail about it in this topic:


Thanks. As soon as I posted that I thought, “I’ve done a rebuild a bunch of times”! but figured I’d let it stay in case someone in the future needs this topic. Rebuild is running now, hope that settles it. I don’t have an active forum (yet) but it does get a fair amount of traffic so I hate the down time. Thank you for your help!


Hello, I have followed all the commands here, but my site still appears to be loading, but the site does not open.

Are you using the stable branch rather than tests-passed? If so, I believe Don has just shared a workaround that might be useful until a fix is in place:


My apologies everyone, I must have overlooked something as part of my testing for this change. I have reverted it here, that should solve the issue:


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