Agree to additional terms before joining group

Are there any built-in features or existing plug-ins which support the following use case:

  1. There is a sub-category on the forum which requires users to sign a disclaimer before joining. I’d like to provide a link where users can read the disclaimer and agree to it.
  2. On agreeing, the user is added to a special group (this group has access to the sub-category).

I’d say use group membership requests, with a template kind of like so:

By requesting to join this group, I confirm that I have read the disclaimer at URL_HERE
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Only downside here would be that group owners need to check each membership request, it’s not automatic. Additionally, users can edit the request template before sending it.

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I was wondering if there was a way to re-purpose the poll functionality e.g. have the terms in a post with a poll saying ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ and then triggering an action off an ‘agree’.

Have you had a look at the Discourse Policy plugin? Although it wouldn’t add users to the group once they accept.

I’m not too familiar with the Policy or automation plugin. Perhaps someone can help me out here… would it work with the Automation plugin? So that when you accept a policy in a certain topic, it would add you to a specific group?


Looks interesting. I’ll have to test to see if this could somehow work together.