Require users to join at least one group at sign-up

Is there a way of requiring users to join at least one group when signing up for the forum?

I was hoping that I would be able to create a required custom field that would then add the user to the selected group(s) but it doesn’t seem to be possible.


I do not understand the request.
When new user register, he goes into @trust_level_0 group automatically.

@sidv I think what @tophee is looking for is an option on registering an account to be able to select a custom group of which they join.

@tophee - once they have joined there is the option to be able to apply to join a group however there is no option upon registering.

Sorry, I should have said “custom group”, in addition to any automatically assigned groups.

Yes, but as you correctly point out, I am looking for a way to make this part of the registration process, just like you can make it compulsory for new users to fill in whatever custom field you want. If someone doesn’t join one of the groups presented to them, their registration won’t complete.

I believe we do support this for SSO signups, which can hook into that sort of action via our API. But not currently supported for ordinary signups, no.

We’d have to hear from a couple of customers before building it, but I do support this feature. Would come in handy for things like game forums, where you need to join a faction.

What is your use case for this?

I have the Wp-discourse plugin installed so I could use WordPress as my SSO provider but I have no idea how that would allow me to require joining a group (or indeed how I would hand over any data apart from name and email to discourse). Could you explain?

My use case is the following: my forum aims to bring together people with an interest in the same topic but who have approached this topic from very different angles, indeed from very different roles. For simplicity’s sake, let’s say they come from a variety of different occupations. So I have a list of occupations or occupation types that might join and I have created a group for each of them.

Now, why do I want to force people to choose one of these groups? Several reasons.

  1. It allows me to automatically set every user’s title according to their group, i.e. their title will show their occupation. To explain why it is a crucial resource for users to see each other’s occupation would lead too far here, just trust me that it is.
  2. It allows any user to @-mention the members of an occupation, for example in the format “So what do s have to say about this question?”. Admittedly, this is somewhat experimental and may have to be turned off for ordinary members if it leads to too much spam mentions. But even so, for admins it will be useful to be able to address different occupations differently.
  3. statistical reasons: I will have a better idea of the composition of my membership, for example to be able to focus mobilising efforts on certain, underrepresented constituencies. (This could be done with custom fields too, but I believe groups would make it easier to keep an eye on various constituencies.)
  4. It gives users the possibility to communicate within their own constituency if they wish, reducing the risk of being alienated by all those strange people from other occupations.

I guess your example of game forums is more straightforward…


I was talking about our general sso support, which requires a custom implementation for every site. As far as I know, this functionality is not baked into wp-discourse. I think @simon is planning to work on something related to this though.

One use case relates to sending people a link to migrate to your forum–Facebook, Meetup, etc. You don’t have their email, but you need to assign them to a group or at least let them pick a group.

Options for new feature(s):

1/ let the user pick group(s) on registration

2/ change invite feature to not require token per user so you can generate general link to published to users with groups associated with invite

3/ allow users to be added immediately after they click the “join group” button on a group page or on /groups and then register/activate or login

1 would be trickier from a UX, custom field, standpoint. It covers the, “I just showed up at this site” scenario and i need to pick a group.

2 would allow assigning users to public and non-public groups via email invitation.

3 seems to cover various scenarios; discussed here and possibly already on @tgxworld list?

Personally for me, order of priority would be 3,2,1.

If #3 gets done you could direct users to register via the /groups page. Could also have a setting so the signup link is changed to /groups. This would only support one group without more changes, but if the user is returned to the /groups page they could then choose group 2, 3, etc.

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Hm, in terms of which option is most generic (i. e. solves the most problems) I’d say “let the user pick group(s) on registration” ranks best. It covers both your and my use case (and many more). Wherr do you see the UX trickyness?

I like the idea but just show a box with long list?, no flair/logo?, slug vs full name?, various groups for diferrent purposes (not just e.g., occupation)?, no description, which groups to show? approval to join?

I like the idea. What about just having a page two in the registration process that goes to /groups? Would need sort out setting for “Must be a member of at least n groups?”

I could see that being useful for topical websites using restricted groups where you can choose which topics/groups to join aka “follow” and show up in Latest and Digest.

You are using it more like a profile field which is fine too.

As far as doing this through the wp-discourse plugin goes, adding a user to a group is very straightforward. The hard part would be figuring out how to associate the user with a Discourse group before they login through SSO.

I think the easiest way to approach it would be to add a required ‘group’ field to the WordPress registration form. It could be a drop-down list of the available Discourse groups.

I have not tried it yet myself, but if anyone is looking at this with a similar problem, I suppose the closest you can currently get to requiring people to join a group at sign-up is to use the custom wizard plugin


@tophee were you able to accomplish requiring user group selection during registration?

Yes, I was, using the custom wizard plugin.

When I try with that plugin, the only presets offered in the drop-down option are the categories. How did you use the plugin to accomplish mandatory group selection? Thank you, in advance!

Sorry, my answer was inaccurate. I use the wizard plugin to force people to provide me with information that I need to add them to relevant groups, then I manually add them to those groups. There is currently no other way (which is why this feature request is still open).


Got it. Thank you for the clarity.

Hey all,

This feature is exactly what I’m looking for. And now that I know it’s not a feature, I will look into starting development for it. It doesn’t seem like it would be an extremely hard thing to accomplish. I’m an entry level developer, I don’t know a lot, so this could definitely be a small project for me to sink my teeth into.



Any luck with this feature?

I am also looking for this feature that makes it possible to automatically assign a new user to a Primary group based on what group they entered when signing up. For example, we have a Florida group so if a new user enters Florida when signing up, they will be assigned to the Florida group automatically.