Agreeing/Deferring/Disagreeing with Flags

(Sean Wangnick) #1

Hey there! Recently we’ve changed our site settings, reducing the number of flags it takes, increasing read posts, increased time spent reading, etc. to reach TL3. The goal was to make it more difficult to be promoted to Regular, and hopefully reduce the level of immaturity & annoyance of users in our Lounge category.

With this, the importance of flagging becomes a lot more relevant. Just one flag too many (within the last 100 days) will bump someone to TL2. My question is, do all flagged posts count against someone’s record to become a Regular, or only flags that moderators agree with?

Recently we had new member that was flagging posts unnecessarily like crazy, and we don’t want that to count against people that are trying to reach TL3 and access the Lounge.


Make TL3 100 days a changeable Setting?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Only flags that moderators explicitly agree with count against promotion to TL3.


(Sean Wangnick) #3

Thank you, I just read up in this topic about it.


(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #4

Let me know if there’s anything I could improve. I made a slight edit to that particular line to make it clearer.