Flag fixed for regular upgrade

Hi all,

If a member level 2 has past the flag requirements to promote to regular, level 3 for example… Are the flags blocking the promotion fixed or do they “expire” after a certain time so the member is eligible for promotion later on??

That’s a good question. Any idea @neil?

I’ve always understood it to mean flags in the last 100 days, like every other requirement.

We have at least one TL3 member who had posts flagged. None of those shows in his “TL3 requirements” page now, so they must have expired.


I had a hunch that it wasn’t the case, so I checked

Which uses

So it’s based on the creation date of the post on which the flag was casted, not the creation date of the flag.


So to confirm, it’s all based on the last 100 days?

Pretty much yeah :wink: