AI Bot not replying to non-English names (version 6b8a57d)

We noticed some bugs with the recent update of the Discourse AI plugin (6b8a57d). It stops replying to some users’ private messages. After a few testing, we found that if the username is not English, in our case some user name are in Chinese, then the AI refuse to make stream output in reply.

for example this user

Originally, his username is in Chinese, and the AI after version (6b8a57d) no longer gets replies from the AI. A few weeks ago, it could get a reply.

could you please check and see if that is the case? thanks


Nice catch … we will have a look, we changed the way we contact LLMs last week and are now using a central pattern, this may be a regression.


It regressed with our new Prompt format. I fixed it here:


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