AI Chat not reacting to mentions on renamed users

I’m naming bots, as most of forum do I reckon. Looks like bot’s name must end _bot to get chat ability:

  • johndoe_bot knows how to respond in chat channels
  • johndoe ghosts totally in chat channels

Everything else works nicely.

Is there something or did I break poor bot? Logs are clean.


I was wrong. It answers, but something strange there is. If I use johndoe_bot I get answer right away. But without _bot I have to mention johndoe_bot even it doesn’t exist to get answer from johndoe.

And yes, I renamed AI-person first johndoe_bot after I enabled mention/chat. Then I renamed original profile johndoe to johndoe0. Last step was re-rename :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: johndoe_bot as johndoe.

Reason for that was my users know AI-person as johndoe when it arrived. When I enabled mentions and chat new user was created by Discourse AI.

De facto those are same AI-person, though. I want to avoid in any cost situation where one must remember different names depending if it is called from PM, chat or post.

Just to confirm, you renamed the user your created (particularly the username?)

Can you supply some screenshots?

No. I renamed that user that was automatic created when I allowed mentions.

  1. I created an AI-person and gave an username johndoe
  2. I allowed mentions and user something_bot was created for me
  3. I renamed something_botjohndoe_bot because there already was johndoe
  4. I renamed johndoejohndoe0
  5. I renamed johndoe_botjohndoe

What was expected is I have now two users for same persona:

  • johndoe0 (the original johndoe)
  • johndoe (created by allowing mentions and got 2 renaming steps)

What was not expected is I can talk to newborn johndoe but it refuses answer unless I mention its earlier name johndoe_bot that does not exist anymore.

this is extremely confusing, cause the only user that exists and only mentionable entity is (5) johndo which would be this username:


Can you Chat DM this user?

Yes I can when I do it privately. I don’t know what happends on public channel. It works even then, because I have strong feeling something is sideways on my forum.

I’m very close to delete that problematic persona and all its users and start from the scratch. Something I should do first, I admit that.

This issue disappeared after I changes to GPT-4o — and of course I had rebuilding to get that.

I had feeling — because I really don’t know anything how these things work — that this is/was the issue:

We have actually three participants on PM. When I changed to GPT-4o I didn’t renamed that user as I did earlier. Maybe something went sideways on that process.

Anyway. Now it works.