AI full page search acts weirdly

I rebuilded something like 6 hours ago and now AI suggestions of full page search acts weirdly. It is like is misses search context totally and is offering old hits.

I searched raw food of dogs first. And now I’m getting same or or very similar hits even I’m searching for edge of kayaks or how to adjust virtual host at Nginx.

I don’t totally understand how OpenAI works with embeddings and other stuff but I’m quite sure it can’t find any similarities between dog eating raw meat, how a kayak is tilting in the waves or how I ban bots using NGINX :woozy_face:

It can come from my setup too. And I haven’t give a testdrive here yet (mostly because I’m afraid topics are too biased here?). But yesterday AI was unbeliavable accurate and now it is… far away that.

We refactored the prompts for AI Search this week, so it may have affected the results quality. We will take a look at this next week.


We are not getting any regressions like the one you described here on Meta, can you update and try again?