AI personas integration of the chat plugin: It would be great if site users could chat with AI personas

A great idea came to my mind. If anyone has mentioned it before, congratulations :slight_smile:

With the Discourse AI plugin, we can create new characters and create users for these personas (/admin/plugins/discourse-ai/ai-personas). It would be great if users on the site could chat with these persona users in the form of questions and answers in the chat section. Many personas are created and users are determined for these personas. Afterwards, a list is made and these persona bots are shared (we can create them by opening a topic). Members who wish can quickly answer questions or chat with the persona bot that suits their needs. (This question seems much more clever and useful to me)

I’m curious about your thoughts and it would be a really big improvement for me to do this.

@merefield This topic may interest you.


We are working on it, hopefully there will be something ready in a few weeks


What kind of community is this… I admire all of you… :orange_heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


Since the very first release of Chatbot back in March '23 you’ve been able to interact in Chat.

You can customise the “personality” of the bot to play whatever role you prefer. (You just edit the system prompt in Customise -> Text under chatbot.prompt.system).


It is self-evident this is just my opinion, and may tell more how much I’m lacking imagination, but personas (several different system prompts) what Discourse AI offers are more suitable for special ops and those rarely are nice and suitable for chatting in forum environment — and yes, I know there is no such thing as homogeneous forum culture, and something like customer service has different needs that general chatting.

But there are limitations at the moment how much we can offer training to GPTs when not even embeddings and RAG isn’t reliable. OpenAI and its way to change and limit all the time and keeping everything in beta stage is another story and headache, but is still part of that. Mainly because devs, big corporates and small players are in totally different situations because of fees.

What I’m trying to say is using different system prompts via personas is not that thing now, but get at least one responsing when mentioned.

Chatbot uses just one system prompt, but can chat. Discourse AI gets same ability quite soon. And both are in troubles when a category has visible another than every.

But if we can use several bots chatting gives more opportunities and tool for sure. And mark my words — we are going to see forums where is dozens different bot in the duty and real users aren’t using them, because there is too many (just like putting triljon categories on sidebar :rofl:)

Summa summarum and tl;dr: I don’t know what is my point.

Hi Sam, just a quick question. Has there been any progress on this? or how to target one of the personas in a Chat?

Implemented now per:

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