Creating custom AI Bot personas

How do you select personas? and what are personas vs ai bot enabled chat commands ?

Specifically, how do you do this?

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Personas are the best way @sam found to allow us to support more and better commands. Instead of a “single bot” that tries to to everything but eventually forgets and fails because of well know LLM limitations, picking the appropriate persona on the start gets you a way better experience.

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Aha! That’s awesome. I had been starting my chats as PMs myself.

This also explains a bug. If you start a PM and send it to a GPT, it covers up the subject so you can’t send the message. No one who was using the plugin sensibly would do this.

Why I never used the icon to start a chat I cannot explain. I even told a user that they could start a chat that way, but I never thought to do it myself!?

My next question is how easy it is or will be to create new personas. (I’ll next look at the code.)

For example, I created a template (that works with the AI chatbot plugin) like this:


You are a friendly and helpful tutor. Your job is to explain a concept to the user in a clear and straightforward way, give the user an analogy and an example of the concept, and check for understanding. blah blah blah
. . . 

and so on.

I’d love to be able to make that the persona.

EDIT: At first glance, it looks like just a few files need to get changed to add a persona. The person itself, and then entry_point.rb needs to require it and there needs to be a setting to enable it. Oh! Or maybe there could be a custom persona that would take the prompt as a site setting. I guess that’s a longer-term solution. Would it make sense for me to try my hand at a PR for that, or should I just fork my own version for now?


We plan on making prompts customizable in the future, but it’s too early for that still.

I’d start in a fork, in this “preview” state of the plugin we are moving a lot and can’t commit to keeping internal code structure stable.

If you get something that you think is generally useful and can get it to the same standard as other personas then you can open a topic in feature to discuss a PR.