AI Plugin Brainstorming

Hi All,

We were hoping to collect some ideas for a range of AI plugins. I imagine there are some people who would be keen jump into the AI space and making an AI Discourse plugin would be perfect way to dip in one’s toes.

So… this is a topic for sharing ideas around possible AI plugins that we as the community might be able to implement together. I’ll get the ball rolling:

  • Automated conversation seeds - relevant news/discussion-worthy feed into relevant spaces. Pulling from news and social media AI would automatically seed conversations within the niche spaces. Possibly even fun facts framed in a way to prompt discussion
  • AI could do friend matchmaking across the whole community
  • Sentiment analysis: Monitor and analyse the sentiment of community discussions using AI, providing insights to moderators for improving the community and member satisfaction.
  • Automated community promotion - Creating social media and email promotions each week highlighting the best of the community without sharing anything identifiable from the community. Perhaps something like podsqueeze with repurpose

Cheers :slight_smile:,


We’re actually about to announce our own suite of official AI plugins so it might pay to hang fire here for a few days.


Ahh beautiful :slight_smile:. Absolutely love your work @HAWK and team :slight_smile:



A group of us from the Guild of Entrepreneurs in Australia are getting together in Sydney in a couple of weeks at an AI hackathon:

We were hoping to build an open source AI plugin for Discourse that will help our community (and any other Discourse community that wants to use it).

Do you have any suggestions for something that your team might be keen for us to work on to demonstrate the power of Discourse combined with AI to the Australian startup community?

Also, if there’s anyone on this forum in the vicinity, we’d love to have you along! (eg @philip_rhoades :slight_smile:)



Nice! @falco is our AI guy, let’s see what he reckons.


I might be able to get there actually!


I registered for the 3 days but I will prob be more of an observer than a activist - I will see how it goes . .

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You may be interested in checking out Introducing Discourse AI and it’s repository:

Some interesting modules, with double points if they can rely on Open Source models:

  • Spam detection
  • AI OCR
  • Automatic Image Captioning
  • Automatic categorizations (for categories and tags)