Akismet spam detection plugin, do I need an Akismet API key?

Hi Team

I am looking to use akismet spam detection plugin for my discourse instance. But when trying to integrate or use it. Its asking for API key of akismet for integration. Do we need to purchase a plan with akismet for the API key? Also I see a flag which says do not send if user posts more than 50 posts to Akismet. Does that mean that the user related posts will never be tagged as spam in future?

Yes, you need to sign up for an Akismet key and add the key to the setting akismet api key


So the data is shared with Akismet site to classify a post as spam? And does Akismet store data that is sent to it? And also the plugin runs a scheduler job after every 10 minutes to pull the data from dashboard. So are the posts allowed once they are posted before they go into moderation?