Detect spam TL0 users when using Akismet plugin

(Saurabh Patel) #1

We would like to detect spam users using the Akismet plugin(when it is installed). User’s About me field will be used as an input to the Akismet to detect for spam users. This will only detect spam among TL0 users.

This will involve enhancing existing Akismet plugin to detect spam users.

Example of a spam user:

I will be working on this enhancement. Let me know if this needs more information or clarification.


(Sam Saffron) #2

Strongly recommend you hold off on any work here until @eviltrout is done with the new review queue.

(Saurabh Patel) #3

Actually, I’m not planning to show spam users on interface in initial version. I still have to see where it can be put in the UI. Initial version will just be an enhancement in the Akismet plugin to detect spam users. We will just check TL0 users and store their results. I can integrate to this new Review Queue later instead when working on interface for the user.

P.S: I’m mostly done with my initial code :sweat_smile:

(Saurabh Patel) #5

Do we want this feature to be controlled by a SiteSetting? Currently, I’m just checking if the Akismet plugin is enabled. If it is, then I process the users too.

I think it will be helpful to put these feature behind a setting since everyone might not want to use it. Also, there is an extra cost if we send more requests than a threshold to Akismet ( Commercial Use Plans, Fees and Payment section in Terms of Service - Stay informed | Akismet).

What do you think?

cc @codinghorror

(Jeff Atwood) #6

I highly doubt this will cause a significant bump in submissions to Akismet, so on by default is best. We should only be checking this in a few rare conditions:

  • user is TL0
  • user fills out user profile as a TL0 user
(Saurabh Patel) #7

Okay, I will not add a setting then for now.