Algorithm to tailor content to user interests

It’s very apparent that Discourse is great for forums. Are there algorithms / capabilities to tailor the content shown to each user, based on their preferences (i.e. browsing history)?

Like Reddit tailors content based on what questions to click one, to show what’s most interesting to you…

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Not everyone here may use Reddit, I don’t. However I do program in Prolog which is an AI language and this problem is probably something that can more easily be done using Prolog.

More details of how you envision this happening would be nice.

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Or, like Quora (if you use that).

Basic idea, as a user navigates the site, the site learns what they are most interested in (by which posts they click on, and how long they read it, and whether they comment/like). Then, the site shows them more of what they like. Is this possible in Discourse?

Any other recommendations for what platform does this out-of-the-box/standard?

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I take it you want something like

How Netflix Uses AI For Better Content Recommendation

So in the world of AI I would classify your problem as an open world problem and use neural networks (thinks self driving cars) and not classify your problem as closed world and use Prolog.

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