Alibaba and Microsoft AI beat humans in Stanford reading test (future of Q&A, customer support forums)

It shouldn’t be to surprising to anybody following the AI scene but recently the AI of Alibaba and Microsoft have beaten humans in a reading test. Note: by a small margin, it scored 82.44 in the exact answer category beating the human score of 82.304.


Still a ways off, but it’s going come sooner than you think that Q&A style websites/forums such as Stack Exchange, Quora) could have an AI component to answer users questions. You should definitely factor this in your business plan if you’re planning to build a forum/q&a website or even maybe a community website.

What are your thoughts on this?

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As fast as AI may be moving now relative to the past decades, it’s still not moving at a pace where it displaces entire software platforms overnight. It’s all very gradual, and I don’t think we’ll have a hard time keeping pace (famous last words? :robot:)

We do stay abreast of relevant AI developments and we try to get involved with technologies that can have an immediate impact on our #1 priority: civilized discussion.

For example, expect an update on Pre Emptive Striker plugin development log in a week or two.