All groups are not anymore displayed in group page

First, thank you to the team for all the great job for Discourse !

Since 2.9.0.beta11, the group page ( mydomain/g ) shows only 2 groups.
If I filter by name, I can find the other groups.
The request /g.json shows all the groups of our instance.

So, is there a parameter who changed between beta10 and beta11 which makes groups not displayed in the group page ?

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Hello and welcome @erik_a :slight_smile:

I’m not seeing that behaviour here on Meta, or on my test site. Does it still happen for you in safe mode, or in a private window?

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Thank you for the quick answer.
So, after disable themes, it’s ok.
I forgot to check the js console, and there is an error with a theme. After some quick tests, it seems to be the Land on Group Messages component by @nathankershaw .

The js error :

Uncaught TypeError: e is null
    setupComponent theme-field-48-common-html-script-1.js:26

Thanks Erik, I’ve just noticed that too. I’ll see if I can fix it. Updates are here:

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