Land on Group Messages Component

This Theme Component redirects links to Groups so that they land on the Group Messages rather than on the Group Members.

The use-case for this is when your Forum makes extensive use of Groups, but you don’t want to set up an individual Category for private communications for each one.

The /g/group-slug/messages page can function as a topic list for these Groups without any further admin input. Unfortunately, these pages are somewhat buried, and several clicks are required to reach them.

This Component makes the Group Messages page the default landing page whenever a Group is clicked upon. This makes finding and using Group Messages (especially older ones) much more intuitive for users. It only does this when

  1. Group messages exist for the group and
  2. The user is a member of the group

This Component was made to formalise the amazing support of @Johani as a result of this conversation:

There are no settings. Simply install and activate it.


Just updated the TC so it no longer throws a warning in the browser console: