ALL messages list on /u/<username>/messages route

I’ve felt this almost from the first day of using Discourse but now when I’m using PMs heavily, I realize that sometimes I want to view All the PMs regardless of who started the convo(i.e. Inbox or Sent) coz sometimes you don’t remember who started the convo. I think there should be an All option where you can view All PMs you’re a part of.


We are thinking of a bit re-org in the PM department to surface new/unread/top in group inboxes and this very much fits in this theme.

I think we will probably get started again in about 3-5 weeks.

cc @tgxworld


I totally agree and I see that my users are getting lost too, which is causing conversations to go downhill. Have you made any progress on this point? I will be glad of this :slight_smile:
Good for you,


We discussed this internally and the current thinking is that we are just leaving stuff as is for now.

We are following the paradigm Gmail set, stuff is in “sent” until it gets the first reply, then it appears in inbox.

Adding one more route here will just add confusion. So I guess the only other thing we could do is to totally remove “sent” and include it in inbox, but it could get a bit tedious for people who tend to clear out inboxes forcing extra archive clicks.