Sent PMs shouldn't appear in the Personal message inbox

A recent change added this feature

New and unread message lists - easily see what messages have come in that you haven’t seen, even if another group member read and archived it already.

This makes total sense for group inboxes, but for the personal inbox, it means that every PM I’ve ever sent now shows up. My workflow until now was to archive the messages in my personal inbox after I replied/dealt with them (a la gmail). I know I can bulk select them and archive them, but I’ll also have to do this for every new PM I send.

Would it make sense to revert to the old behavior for the personal inbox and keep the new behavior for the group inboxes?


Just a note about this: We had previously requested that messages show up in your inbox if you include yourself as a recipient: Have PMs show in inbox if you include yourself as recipient.

If messages you send to a group also show up in your inbox in the case you are a member of the group, I also think that makes sense (and would be consistent with other similar tools, like email, I believe).

If all messages you send–even ones to individuals where you don’t include yourself, or messages to groups that you are not a part of–also show up in your inbox, then I agree that would not be the appropriate functionality.


I think this is a regression but from the changes in the commit, it seems like we only excluded messages that you sent to yourself and not all sent messages.


Thanks, Alan. That makes sense.

What’s the next step? Is this in the backlog already?

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PR for this fix is in


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