Have PMs show in inbox if you include yourself as recipient

Right now, if I send a PM to someone, it does not show up in my message inbox (it shows up in the sent folder).

I’ve recently been sending PMs to a group that are important, and I’d like to be able to see them in my message inbox. Just like the practice of bcc-ing yourself on an email so all your important messages are in one spot (your inbox).

Even if I include myself as a recipient of the PM–the purpose of which is to have the message show up in my inbox, it does not show up in my inbox. I’ve seen this feature requested before, such as here.

Is there a way to have PMs that I send show up in my inbox, so there’s a way for all important PMs (whether I send them or receive them) to be in one place?


Yeah it’s acting just like email whereas Discourse is Topic List based normally so you expect to see something in the Inbox. I still find it uncomfortable.

Something you could modify in a plugin …


I guess it’s only useful to an external (other) email provider, so that you know the email has actually been sent and distributed (at least, it seem so, if you received it yourself at this other address).

To the same address as you’re sending from, I really don’t see the use. Neither do I see it here with Discourse (where all is internal: If it’s in the “sent” folder, you can assume it has been sent).

I’m really not convinced :confused: All your sent messages are in one spot: The sent folder.
And all the answers are in your inbox.

By trying something, I just saw a little (funny) bug: When hitting send, if your private post is less than 10 characters long, you have a message showing that the PM must be at least 10 characters long. Then if you make it more than 10 but less than 20, when hitting send, you get an error telling you it must be at least 20 characters long :rofl: Should probably use a number and stick to it.

This is a common practice in the case of email to be able to see all key messages in a single place and therefore more easily keep track of new ideas and important notes, instead of having to hunt through different folders to piece them together.

Yeah, I agree with this. Inbox / Sent feels pretty anachronistic at this point. Having a single, conflated list for both sent and received feels more modern. One case in point is the new email provider, Hey. No more sent folder…just all messages in a flat list.

Another use case to pile on is that this is how I’ve been doing multiple drafts at once:
I send a message to myself, edit the draft, then publish it as public at a later date.