All requests failing due to "net::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID"


My forum is currently burning up into flames.

Going to any page directly gets you slammed with an error

Going to the homepage and then a topic will get you flooded with errors in the console, and it’s completely non responsive.

That is, half the time. The other half you just get an infinite spinner

You are getting the same errors though.

If you try to reply the site also dies.

When accessing the site from mobile, you just get an error.

I am using Cloudflare for the site which is giving us a free certificate which is still valid.

Chrome refuses to visit the site as well

Thanks for any help.

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Are you using cloudflare Optimizations (Orange Cloud?)

Did you change anything server side or changed the ssl mode in cloudflare?

I believe we are, we’re also proxying requests.

And no, nothing has been changed recently.

We lost mobile last night, and now the site is dead.

The problem is with your domain registrar Namecheap.

You have not verified your contact details (probably an email verification they may have sent) that’s why they have held your domain. Please log into namecheap and resolve the situation. This is not a discourse issue.


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