Discourse Tagging Plugin Filter bugs

Summary: Discourse Tagging Plugin show filter by tag function seems to have a few bugs

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install and enable Discourse Tagging Plugin
  2. Enable show filter by tag
  3. Create >30 tags
  4. Open tag filter drop down on Latest view

Expected Results: All used tags listed in menu, with all and none options in alphabetical order

Actual Results: Only 30 tags are listed, no none option, seem to be sorted by frequency of use

Notes: Unable to attempt repro of this on meta or try as filter by tag is not enabled.

Edit 12/1/15: Informed of configuration option in admin panel to control number of tags. Still believe lack of none option to be a bug as compared to category filter.



Tags filter dropdown:

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Have you change this option before your test?

Not an admin, only a moderator. Did not know that was a user-configurable setting. Still believe the lack of “none” as a filter option is a bug (at when comparing this drop down to category filtering).

Any updates on this? Would very much like to have a “none” option when filtering…

Wouldn’t unchecking “show filter by tag” be the same as a “none” in “max tags in filter list”?

No. I want to be able to filter posts that do not have any tags (“none”) in the same way you can do this for subcategories.

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Perhaps this can be resolved with the work @neil is doing to pull tagging into core.


That would be great! I can create a new feature request if needed, but I am wondering if a search option for tags might also be in-scope for 1.6?

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There’s already a filter that you can use in search. Use the tags: prefix and comma-separated list. For example tags:themes,dark-theme. This raises the issue of whether that’s an OR or an AND query. It’s an OR. There’s currently no way to search for topics tagged themes AND dark-theme. It’s needed, so we’ll need to figure out how to expose that.

And I agree that there should be a way to see an option of “none” in the tags filter.


Alrighty, thanks! Once the OR/AND issue is figured out, can this be added to the Search Options message?

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Hey Neil, any update on getting None in the tags filter drop-down? Thanks for knocking out so many tag related bugs recently, really appreciate it :smiley:!


Was starting work on this, but the tag filter is busted right now. It disappears after one use of the category dropdown and is gone for good. :confused: Will get back to this once that’s fixed.


Is this still an issue?

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The tag filter is fixed, and the “no tags” filter has kinda been added… It works, but I need to figure out the ember for one last part of it.

Even when no tags is chosen and the list shows the correct results, the dropdown shows “all tags”. Gotta figure out how to make the dropdown say “no tags”.


That last problem is fixed, so this is done.