Setting a category to "Require moderator approval of all new topics" does not work

Hey, i am Admin and try to set a category to “Require moderator approval of all new topics”
But whenever I save the new setting, it is not executed / the checkmarks have disappeared when I open the category settings again.

This happens in a Category and also in Subcategories

Discourse and all plugins are up to date to the latest version.

Thanks for your help

Update, strangely the function seems to be enabled, so new posts actually go to moderator approval, but still in the category setting it shows as “unchecked / unactivated”

Hi @Phylo_IF :slight_smile:

I’ve just given this a run-through on my test site and I’m afraid I can’t replicate. When I select the options and save they show as selected.

Is this still an issue for you?

Update: I’ve slipped this over to support as we can’t get a repro/more details, but we can always move it back again if there’s more to the issue. :+1: