All users with "watching" subscription on category receiving notification when topic starter changes a topic's tag

To activate the bug topic starter must create topic with tags, after that he must reply to that thread and topic starter’s message must be last in the topic. After that if topic starter will change the tag, then discourse will send notification related to the first topic’s message.


  1. Topic Starter must create a topic
  2. Topic Starter must reply to this topic and his reply must be the last
  3. Topic Starter must change the topic’s tag. And now every time he change the topic’s tag everyone who subscribed to this topic’s category or topic itself will receive a notification that will be related to the first message of that topic.

If someone will reply after topic starter’s reply and topic starter will change the topic’s tag: then notification with first message will still arrive, but only once. While if topic’s starter message will not be the last, then users will receive a notification only once while tag is changed.

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2.4.0.beta8 (d0e191a9d5)

bug is still exists

Dear developers, I know that you working hard on your product and I really love to use it. But please, can I get some update on the issue. Did you succeed to reproduce the bug or I should provide more information about it? Maybe I should record a video or something.

If you don’t mind just reply that you on it or reply that I must provide more info.

Best regards. :heart:

In the past people complained they were not notified on tag changes, I am pretty sure this quirky behavior is a result of such a complaint.

At a minimum we should be consistent here. I agree with that.

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