Notification sent wrong for shared draft with changed owner

I just created a draft and in order to change its ownership to our official account I’ve posted into a restricted category. Then changed ownership and moved to a public category but notification sent have my name on it.


That is probably cause your account edited it. What is the exact repro of the issue and what is your expected behavior?

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I’ve edited its content and ownership before shared publicly. Then I edited the category to move new category. I thought it would sent notification with the name of latest owner of the topic. This was what I expected.

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This bug was also posted by me in different exposition.

The point is: when topic creator changes something in the topic (category, tag, etc.) - ALL users that “watching” this category or this topic - they all will receive a notification. After user will press on notification - he will be redirected to the first post of that topic.

This causes a problem when you using “telegram notification plugin”. All users will receive first message of the topic again after something changed in it.

I’m begging you to fix that.

This is happened again. If I create a shared draft then change its owner and share it into a public category, it’s sending a notification with the name of creator of post instead of latest owner.

Also interestingly I’ve got the notification correct but other users reported they receive different notification.


Was it fixed or will it be fixed in near future?