Allow access to community only to users logged into our app

Hello- We want to allow access to only to users who are already logged into our app. We are now getting a popup from Auth0 to sign in. We don’t want that and we want the user to sign in from Does anyone know how to do this?



You should get whoever configured your system to use Auth0 to instead use You can tell who that was by looking at the admin logs.

But another question might be what do you expect to happen if someone tries to log into Discourse who is not already logged in to your app?

I can’t tell if you have misconfigured your SSO or don’t know how it’s supposed to work.

Thanks, Jay. We don’t want to provide an option to login to Discourse directly. Our idea here is to take such users to the with a message that they have to login to our app to access the community. You seem to be suggesting the same. Users who are logged into our app should be able to access the community as though the community is just part of our app.

To achieve this is there a configuration option in Discourse to tell the users who are not logged into our app to go to instead of Auth0? Is that all that we need to do?

Does use Auth0? Typically, when you configure one of those external authentication services Discourse sends users to that service when they try to log in.