Prevent redirecting to SSO login and open discourse login

I have setup with Auth0 and SSO with Auth0 rules. Default use case when you hit you get redirected to Auth0 login.

It there way to open/show the discourse login page or


If you get the Discourse login page, how would you log in to Auth0? Do you want Discourse to take the login information and then send to to auth0 to see if it’s correct?

If you want to log in through Auth0, then you need to log in through Auth0. Right?

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I just want to show for non-logged in users the login page on And they will have a login button for Auth0 login on the custom login page.

This actually works if the forum is public (in that case I don’t have a custom login page).

Showing the login page makes sense only if you can use it to log in. Maybe you want to enable local logins?

Yes, you are correct. I have local logins enabled. But if i have SSO enabled I have redirect to Auth0 login page. I want to prevent that automatic redirect and have a manual redirect with a login button.