Allow anonymous visitors to create topic

Hi there!

I am a happy user of Discourse - thank you so much for the continual development.

What i would like to see, is logged-out / not yet registered visitors to be able to create a new topic. They create the post and after clicking “create topic” they have to sign up for an account.

The topic will be saved in the browser cache (as already is done with Discourse) until the sign up process is done.

There are already several webservices who use this kind of behaviour. The advantage is:

The visitor has already written the post, so he knows it would get lost if he doesnt sign up -> Improves sign up rate

I am no tech expert, so please forgive me if this wouldn’t be possible!

Should be possible, but it sounds like a lot of work for not a whole lot of gain.

I’m also not a huge fan of this UX, it’s bit of a “bait and switch”. Pretty sure it would have to remain plugin territory.

We’re using discourse together with the “Discourse Solve” plugin - and want to attract visitors to start asking their own question. Especially on mobile, there is currently no button to create a new topic (for anonymous visitors).

So at least for me it would just make things a lot easier - not a bad UX. Maybe I described it wrong in my initial post.