Allow anyone to view but only registered to post

Hi - I am on the free 14-day trial of Discourse and I am trying to create a community.
My goal is to have

  • registered users post articles and reply to them
  • allow anyone (registered or not) to be able to view and read the articles.

I can’t seem to figure out how this can be done. Any pointers?

Thanks !

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You’re describing the default permissions.

If you haven’t made your site login required, and are creating categories with the default permissions, then this is what users will experience.


I still don’t seem to be able to get it to work.

In the Settings panel, I have unchecked “Login Required” because I don’t want to force people to login to Read content.

Then I created a Category with permissions “everyone can see”. This doesn’t seem to achieve what I am looking for either. When I do not log in, the only categories I can see are “Support” and “Uncategorized”.

Am I missing something here?

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Post a screenshot of the permissions on a category which isn’t visible to anonymous users.

You shouldn’t need to edit permissions at all for this to work, the default is fine, users who haven’t authenticated are never able to post.

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You’re right. I seem to have messed up the permissions part. I tried adding a new Category without meddling with the permissions/security and now it shows up when I check incognito. Thanks, Stephen.


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