Allow bumping for topics with zero replies

Suggested improvement for the bump functionality

On busy forums (~50+ topics per day), it can be good to re-surface questions that haven’t received any reply after a period of time.
This is similar to the existing bumping functionality, which looks at “unanswered (= without an accepted answer), non-closed” topics.

This proposed change would instead offer an option to only look for “no replies, non-closed” instead.


Hi Bas

Was this recently implemented on the OpenAI forum?

I ask because these are being noticed, flagged, reviewed and often closed.

I think bumping was recently turned on indeed, but that is the original, before this proposed change.


Sorry to say but you are now on my usual suspects list for things like this on OpenAI in a good way. It is that your background, what you do at Discourse and your access all converged as evidence on this one. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also consider this.
If the topic is a question seeking an answer, then has the OP visited the site in the last 30 days and if a solution has been checked for a reply.

As OpenAI category API is currently set to bump several topics a day many are getting flagged by users so that moderators can decide to close them if needed. In checking one such flag a few minutes ago for a question topic also checked the last visit of the OP which was over 2 years ago and no reply was marked as a solution. As the OP will most not likely not care at this point, is there any benefit to such a topic being bumped?

I find it kind of hard to explain, I guess the proposal is to add to:


Only bump topics with zero replies

However, this then just opens up the door to the “sometimes I want X and sometimes I want Y” problem. (eg: no reply bump 3 a day, any reply - as soon as one year old and unclosed - bump 2 a day)

I feel this is a good fit for the automation plugin, we can allow for complex rules in that case which can catch edge cases like this, plus we would allow stacking.

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Automation would work yes!

If I understand things correctly, then it cannot do it in it’s current state though, right?

So we’d need to add either a trigger (“no replies after x hours”) or an action script (“check for replies after x hours”)?

Here is an example on this site were the topic was automatically bumped then closed by a moderator+.