Configuring Auto-Bumping for Topics

In Discourse you can setup “auto-bumping” for topics. This is configured at the category level, as it may be more appropriate in some than others.

To edit a category setting visit it on your site and click the :wrench: button:

Then visit the “Settings” tab. Auto-bumping has two settings available:

  • “Number of open topics to automatically bump daily” – this many topics will be bumped in that category each day
  • “Minimum days before bumping the same topic again” – a topic will not be bumped again for this many days

Using the settings above, your topics will be auto-bumped along the following criteria:

Auto-bumping topics is useful for a variety of use-cases; how have you used auto-bumping in your community?


Is it normal that a closed topic got bumped on my Discourse instance?

What are your auto bump category settings?

Number of open topics to automatically bump daily: 0

Minimum days before bumping the same topic again: 1

Nope! :slight_smile:

Those settings in the category should not bump the topic. It’s possible a topic auto-timer was set to bump it, I think…

Let us know if it happens again. I’m not sure how to reproduce it. You might ask the other participants in the conversation if anyone bumped it.

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