Allow Category Moderators to change ownership of posts

Could I suggest an improvement for this feature?

We would like to see category moderators have the ability to change ownership of posts within their own category (like other moderators have for the whole forum). At the moment, they do this by bringing the posts/topics to the attention of a moderator or admin… and it’s a little cumbersome. :sweat_smile:


Agreed. This would definitely be useful

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The ability to change ownership of posts is a sensitive privilege to have, and it should be used fairly rarely. Can you tell us more about your use case? Why do category moderators need to be able to do this?

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I’ll give you an example. We created a group for writing documentation in a private category and then migrating to a public category for publishing. Quite a few documents are also migrating over from a markdown website.

Ideally, trusted group members can move these document topics over as opposed to admins & mods. We have no need for staff assistance if we can help it; our group is ready to moderate itself and it’s topics…

Also, a lot of our topics are old. We created a user “docbot” to assume ownership of these documents. Ideally we can assign our documents to this particular user rather than it being myself or whoever else is copy-pasting in the markdown. It would be ideal to let group members change ownership of these topics since they have nothing to do with forum staff.


I suspect most common uses for this are always going to be particular use cases of the forum. Anyhow, this one is ours.

Our community has a category on the forum where games are played (think guessing games like hangman, etc). The first post usually is by the game host where they set the rules and keep some game state. Sometimes people leave and a new game host needs to take over to continue managing the game. Right now a full moderator needs to change the post/topic ownership when a new host takes over, even when that category already has its own dedicated (category) moderator.

I agree that it’s a sensitive privilege to have and I reckon that such category moderator would indirectly get permission to change ownership of virtually any post on the forum by temporarily moving the topic to the category they moderate. That said, if one assigns a category to a moderator, that implies trust on that person.


We record presentations to our team, and often have aftertalks that we’d like to have in our discourse instance. We were hoping we could create a “Show and Tell” category and group, and then the moderators of that category could create a post and change the owner to whoever gave the presentation. As is, it looks like we have to give those individuals staff permissions, which is OK at our scale but not our preferred solution.

Also, it’s a bit confusing in the existing UI that “category moderators” are not exactly equal to “normal moderators” in capabilities.

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Not having category mods, I haven’t personally seen the UI for that, but this post has an excellent table showing the 2 differences between Cat Mods and Regular Mods.