Allow category moderators to manage sub-categories

Now that Discourse for Teams is starting to attract larger teams, it would be useful to be able to assign category moderators who can do all of the things they can do already plus be able to create and manage sub-categories, without having to give them full on moderator privileges for all categories they have access to. I can see this being useful for other discourse sites as well. Has this idea ever been looked into and would it be feasible to add it?


Building on the above, I would like to suggest a couple of improvements.
:warning: Disclaimer: we are using discourse for teams. Some of our use case are very different than for an open community.

You can configure discourse to allow moderators to create categories and manage groups.
This is quite useful because:

  1. we want to limit the number of admins
  2. we want to allow many people in the organisation to create categories, which can be achieved with the above. The reason for this is that we are creating categories for teams or projects.
  3. It’s also useful to have many people that have moderator perms like splitting topics.

However there is one specific issue: moderators can manage ANY group, which means they can add themselves to a group giving access to a restricted category. For instance, we have a leadership category and don’t want a moderator to add himself to the leadership group. It would be logged but that’s not enough.

It would be incredibly useful to split this setting into two:

  1. Allow moderators to create categories
  2. Allow moderators to manage groups

Alternatively, maybe there could be some restriction on which group can be managed by whom, so that a moderator can’t manage ANY groups but a specific list. I am not sure how it would work in details.

Thank you :pray:


I moved these posts into a separate #feature topic because I’d like to find out if other site owners are interested in it, and if so how it might best be implemented.

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This Feature Request would be very interesting for our “Discurse as a social intranet” approach, so count me in.


Thanks, Ralf! Can you tell us some more about your community and how you are using Discourse, and how categories and category moderators fit into it? Feel free to PM me if you prefer not to share sensitive info about a private community.


Hi, I think it is just basic security practice. If I want to appoint someone to create categories and moderate those categories, that’s a ton of trust. But it’s not so much trust that I want this person to have the capacity to manage ANY group in the community.

Consider Facebook. You can create a group/category (they are kind of identical), and manage it, but that’s it. Same with Reddit. You can create a subreddit, but it only gives you moderation privileges for that subreddit.