Allow for bulk deletion of chat messages

Currently when selecting messages in chat the only moderation action is moving the channel. You should be able to also bulk delete them. For example if somebody spams a bunch of messages instead of selection them and then bulk deleting you need to do it one by one. @mcwumbly did give a good suggestion by having a channel you can move it to instead but bulk deleting would still be better

Originally sent in chat feedback

Are we going to be able to bulk delete messages like posts in a topic?

For example if somebody spams a lot of messages you currently need to delete them one by one

(I needed to do this the other day)


Folks have brought this up, but I haven't heard as strong as a case for it as you just made now. Seems like a think that'd be helpful in this scenario. A workaround in the meantime: create a private channel and bulk-move the messages there