How does a user bulk remove messages from their personal message in box?

Is there any way for a regular user to delete and / or archive large quantities of messages at once. Thank you.

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No this is not possible. Only staff are able to do this with bulk actions.

Thank you. Is there a simple method for me, as admin, to bulk delete a user’s private messages for him/her?

Yes, you can browse to the users messages via their profile, then use the bulk selection icon at the top-left next to the topics header in the inbox:

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 10.10.07 AM

Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 10.10.11 AM

Once you have selected some posts, the bulk actions are exposed behind the cog which appears to the left of ‘select all’.

Please note that Discourse doesn’t have private messages, you’re referring to personal messages. There shouldn’t be any expectation of privacy with PMs.

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