Allow groups to be invited to topics


Rate limiting is blocking group invitations to topics.

This seems counter-intuitive. Ideally this should be fixed but if not, is there a work-around?

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Is this something @techapj could look at? I am not clear exactly what is being reported, can you give repro steps?


Yep yep.

Create a group (my example group contains 22 members).
Click Invite on a topic. Invite the group to the topic.

You can’t because of the rate limiting error above.

This is Discourse 1.8.10

(Alan Tan) #4

I’m assuming that is for an admin account? If so, that should be a bug since rate limits do not apply to admins.


Correct – it’s an admin account.

(Sam Saffron) #6

Note, removed #starter-task from here, anything that involves fiddling with rate limiting code can get very hairy.


Interestingly enough, this is not due to rate limiting at all: the invites are rate limited message is hardcoded and will be shown regardless.

The real cause - groups can only be invited to private messages:

Do we want to either:

  1. Disable being able to select a group altogether
  2. Allow groups to be invited to topics


This. Inviting groups to topics is a core workflow for many community managers.

(Maja) #9

Hey @xrav3nz, are you working on this or would still like to? Just want to make sure because I was thinking of taking this up.


:wave: have been a bit inactive, but yeah I’m working on this. Thanks for checking with me.


Here is the PR :wink:

I hope I didn’t miss anything…

(sorry for the poor video quality, shouldn’t have saved as 480p…)


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(Alan Tan) #14

Updated the title to reflect that this is a feature request as we’ve never allowed groups to be invited into public topics before. In fact, being able to type a group name in the invite modal of a public topic is actually a bug.

@HAWK Would mentioning a group work for your use case? I’m asking because inviting group in the context of a private message is basically to give the group members access to the private message. The only access control methods we have for public topics are at the category level and I’m not sure if it would be easy to bypass that with invites at the moment.


It’s not elegant and creates noise but yeah, technically it works so not a show stopper.

(Carson) #16

It would be elegant to be able to invite groups to Topics.