"Invites are rate limited." What does this mean?

Help? New Discourse user here. Was experimenting with re-sending an invitation from a post to a few people I’d already invited but did not respond. The original invite list was uploaded. The re-invite is being done from the [Invite] link at the bottom of the specific post. That’s when the “Sorry,” error below is raised. Is this not allowed? Or, am I going about this the wrong way? Is there some other method/practice to accomplish what I’m after? I just want to send a person I invited a reminder. Thanks in advance for your assist here.

To avoid looking like spam, Discourse limits how many times you can annoy someone inviting them to join the community.

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Thanks, Jay. Do you know where I would find out what are Discourse’s parameters? Because I’ve only ever invited most of the folks on my list once.

Yes, but

You can see your invites at /my/invited/pending.

I think you can see others with the data explorer plugin.

Aha, now I see. Thanks. To re-invite, I must do it from the list of Pending invites, not from the topic’s invite link. Thanks for your help.

I don’t really know how it works, but I’m pretty sure that you shouldn’t be able to re-send those links until some time period is up either, though.

Understood. Actually however, it worked when I just tried using the re-invite control on the pending page, and the particular test email address was only initially invited four days ago. Will keep an eye on it. I wasn’t able to find much on the subject when searching the forum, so hope this is helpful to someone else.


Bumping this because I’ve come across the same issue as above, but I’m not sure this makes sense.

Invites to topics are rate limited (I’m trying to invite a group to a topic) but they don’t show up in the my/invited/pending list, which I assume is because that is for invitations to join the forum, not for existing members that you are simply inviting to the topic. Is that correct?

Is there currently a way to get around rate limiting when inviting a group to a topic?

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I’m running into this now, was there ever a resolution?

Only resolution is waiting afaik or impersonating a different account and sending invites from there.

Low priority @Osama can you add to your list improving the text in the OP so it explains what the actual rate limit is.

“Invites are rate limited, you may only invite a user every N minutes” something like that.

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I was trying to invite a user group to a topic for discussion. It was the first time I’ve used this feature, so no notifications had previously gone out.

I can workaround by upping the max users per group mention and @mention the group in the message, though group invite would be cleaner.

Rate limiting actually has nothing to do with this. The error is a red herring. Inviting groups doesn’t work (and never did). I thought that @techAPJ was going to remove groups from the invite drop-down to remove the ambiguity.

Note: I would still dearly love this to work. I frequently have the need to use it and it seems fairly fundamental.


Oh, ouch … yeah @Osama for now just remove the groups from there so you can not attempt to invite a group to a topic.


Ok, we’ll no longer suggest groups in autocomplete dropdown when inviting to a topic:




same problem.

We need to know if limit is :

  • time between invites
  • numerous invites by user
  • global numerous of invites
  • numerous invites pending…
  • mail already invited…

Thanks for help