Allow "$" in tags: $, $$, $$$, $$$$

Special characters are not allowed in tags. Can an exception be made for the dollar sign, so the following tags could be used?

$, $$, $$$, $$$$

I understand special characters add complications (escaping, encoding) but these tags would be so concise, recognizable, and useful in so many forums (goods and services, restaurant reviews, travel deals, real estate…).

Not all countries use the dollar of course, and I can’t speak to whether this feature would need to include more currencies.

If this is just not possible as a feature, can you suggest a path for paid development? Could it be done as a theme component or CSS?


Using special characters could help us as well. We run a forum for education. So instead of using c++ and c# tags we use c-plus-plus and c-shurp and people sometimes can’t find the wanted tag. I can see why we can’t use the ‘-’ char, but why the other characters are not allowed? Is it difficult to implement?
Anyway, as I said it is a ‘nice to have’ feature for us.