How to create tag c++ or tag Notepad++

I tried to create a c++ tag but failed
I have created a tag that looks like c++ but is “c++” but the user typed on the “c++” url shows the error “Oops! That page does not exist or is private.”

how to create the plus character in the tag


Check out this topic:

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It is unbelievable to have a website that uses this tag “c++”

Cards in the menu

Tag on url

how to be like that?

+ is tricky, it often needs to be encoded, at the moment our tag system does not support tags with + in them. We should either fix this or at least validate you do not create tags with +

Going to mark this as a bug cause it leads to confusion and we need to pick a side here vs allowing you to create a broken tag.


I know the tag system does not support + tags in it.

How to get the “+” card in card management

Please get any suggestions.

Thank you

Notepad++ should be doable with this little trick

.tag-notepad::after {
    content: "++";

I didn’t try it, but it should work everywhere on your forum

But you should avoid doing the same for c for now, given @tophee’s post

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@Steven What do you think of this site as having tag “+”

I honestly don’t know. You can try to contact them, there’s the email address in the about page. I can’t really help on this issue

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Thank you.

I contacted them but did not receive the answer.

I hope to find the answer from the community Discourse