Allow inactive users to mail-in if staged accounts are active

I just accidentally shot myself in the foot by asking a bunch of users that have an inactive account to write an email to a group-inbox-address.

Incoming mails from these users are rejected:

Of course, rejecting mails from inactive users made a lot of sense before, but with staged accounts, it’s a bit weird:

  • Users that have an active account can mail in, of course.
  • Users that have an inactive account cannot mail in.
  • Users that have no account can mail in, because an account will be staged for them.

I’d like to close the gap by allowing inactive accounts to use mail-in (and be sent replies to these messages), just as if their account didn’t exist at all.


Well, if they can mail-in, they aren’t inactive, are they? :wink:

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No, they would be so inactive that everything would behave as if they hadn’t any account after all :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’ve hit this before, and it was perplexing. I’m :100: :thumbsup: to making an inactive account behave the same as a staged one, for the purposes of e-mail.


One year later, this hit us again, so I thought bumping this would be appropriate :slight_smile:

We just aren’t running into this with any of our hosted sites, or ourselves.

I understand. Still, @mpalmer has been perplexed by that before, and it comes up in a use case you are very interested in :smiley: