Allow inbound email delivery to forum contact email for inactive users

After configuring Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail

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Do they get a notification email explaining that emails are not accepted from inactive users?

Full details are in the conversation linked above.

Yes, this was the reply sent to user:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“”] (titled Issue with signing up) didn’t work.

Your account associated with this email address is not activated. Please activate your account before sending emails in.

But this is exactly where the problem lies: they couldn’t activate their new account in the first place, and when they contacted forum support for help (using the forum contact email address) they were notified that their email was not delivered, because their account is not activated yet.

The main issue is that this email was not delivered to the group inbox connected to the forum contact address, and I would have no idea, if I didn’t stumble upon it by chance while reviewing the logs.

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