Allow members with low trust to request wiki changes or updates

We are creating a collaborative wiki but want all new requests to be seen by some of the moderators who have the appropriate trust level and can ensure accurate additions or revisions to the core wiki document.

Is there a way to allow members, that have not yet achieved the trust level required to edit wikis, to request a change or update to the wiki?

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If they flag it and select the “something else” option they can fill the free text field with their suggested edit. Staff will be notified.


Brilliant! I could just add a note at the top of the wiki which instructs them to do what you just suggested, Stephen!

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Wait, I have one quick follow-up question and I think the answer is NO, but…

I would love it if there was a URL parameter that I could put behind a link or a button that says “suggest an edit” which would automatically flag the OP (wiki) and pre-select the “Something Else” option. (similar to the way you can use URL parameters to pop open a new topic and have that new topic pre-filled with boilerplate subject, category, tags, and body)

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AFAIK there isn’t, this isn’t the typical use for them.


… but it is a brilliant workaround!

Thanks again for your input!

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