Allow moderators to create groups

Awesome update!

For an intranet, it would be amazing to streamline this so ANY user could create a Category and a group, and while doing so, be prompted to add people to the group who need access. Make it non-tech and a streamlined, very few click process.

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I don’t know whether it’s an issue or intended, but moderators can’t add or demote group owners. They can add group owners when they create the group, but then, once the group is created, it’s not possible anymore. It would seem logical to me, that if they can manage the group, they should also be able to decide who is managing the group (and they are able to add owners when creating the group, why not after).
We would like to avoid requesting the admins to do this.

Is there a way to make that possible?

As it’s said in the first post they should be able to do it, I suppose it’s an issue.


I believe this is an oversight, as moderators are able to assign group owners if they create a group, but not after. @jamie.wilson, thoughts?


A moderator should now be able to manage group members.