Allow OP to make private message public

Hey everyone, I am wondering it’s possible for members of a group to take a private message and publish it to a certain category on the public board.

Example: A group gets a message with a question. The question gets solved and they want to post the correspondence on a public board so that all users can see… etc.

Is it possible for a group member to do this WITHOUT being a moderator?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

No, they will need to flag the message to staff asking for it to become public.


Okay I see. Thanks for your response. As an alternative, do you know of any way to restrict what moderators can see on the backend? I would like them to be able to perform most functions of moderators, but NOT be able to see the forum analytics, edit user info, etc. (sort of a hybrid between TL4 and a moderator).

Is this possible?

No, there is no way to customize permissions. The closest to that would be a Category Moderator.