Make private group pages visible to only group members

(Michael Congiusta) #1

I’ve set up a private category for a handful of the members of my site to discuss site policy. The users that can access the category are pulled from a user group I’ve set up.

I’d like for members of this group to be able to see the group page while keeping it private from everyone else, but if I uncheck the “Group is visible to all users” checkbox, non-staff group members can’t see it.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but this would be useful functionality in a number of cases.

Inaccessible links to private groups on profile pages
(PJH) #2

Depends, I suppose, on whether you want to all/prevent other group members from knowing which other members are in the group, or make it an option - I can see use cases for

  1. Non-group members don’t know who’s part of the group, but group members know who are other group members
  2. Non-group members don’t know who’s part of the group, neither do the other group members.

Seems the current situation is slanted towards #2.

Can’t you simply create a category that’s read/write/create only to those groups members? (That will hide them from non-group members, but allow members within the group to at least communicate with each other.)

(Michael Congiusta) #3

The functionality I’m hoping for is situation 1 - the issue is that group members have no quick way of knowing who other group members are.

I have created a category that’s read/write/create to those group members and that works fine, but nobody knows who is actually in the group until they’ve posted.