Allow or not accented characters in category slug according to "slug generation method" setting

Latest 2.6.0 beta4, dev environment, ubuntu 20.04, firefox 81, french locale ( :roll_eyes: yeah I know, :sweat_smile: )
I’m not sure if I should be able to have one, but a category slug with an accented character (from a newly created category) makes the loading of the domain/c/slug/id page to fail (to many redirect?).
In the mean time, just in case, the rails solution
Category.where(id: the-id-number).update(slug: "the-slug-without-any-accent")

Have you tried setting the slug generation method site setting to “encoded” by chance?

There was a similar bug reported here: Newly added non-ASCII category page does not load. If it seems like something has regressed, let us know!


aah sorry, I should have looked a little harder :sweat_smile:
indeed slug generation method was set to ascii
with encoded, it works fine!
I’m usually careful to avoid accents in slugs, old habits, but I have the feeling the app cleaned it for me a few times.

Could (should) I be prevented to set (by mistake) an accented slug with the setting to ascii ?

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I think there’s definitely room to improve this in some way. I tried it out and it feels pretty jarring to innocently enter a slug with an accented character, save, and get hit with a broken page you can’t fix until you figure out that setting exists.


Oh yes!
Even if I (kind of) guessed what was was going on in the first place, I managed not to search for “accent” and “category” but “accentuated” and “accented”

I didn’t even think of a setting, persuaded it was not supposed to work :smile:

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I think it’s done :+1:

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