UTF-8 character in category slug causes problems with ASCII slugs

Using an UTF-8 character in a category slug seems to cause issues.
After creating the category the admin gives a 404 and the category is inaccessible using the category link (/c/b%C3%A4r/6/l/latest.json?ascending=false)

Tested on 2.7.0.beta3. I think this is a regression?



What is the value of slug generation method ?

I was not even aware of that setting.

It was set to ascii. Setting it to encoded solves the issue. Thanks!
Not sure I understand why, since the generated slug was nicely encoded.


We do quite a lot of extra work do deal with the encoded slugs when this site setting is enabled. I believe what we are missing is a validation that block you from setting this non-ascii slug manually without flipping the setting first?


Yes, I think you’re hitting the nail on the head.

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