Allow personal messages to staff for specific groups

Is there a way to allow personal messages to staff only for people belonging to specific groups?

I see there is a way to set “min trust level” to send personal messages, but in my case I have customers that might be active or not. If the user is not active anymore, I remove him/her from the group, and personal messages to staff will only be allowed if active (belonging to the group)

Thanks in advance.

This would definitely require a custom plugin to enable as it isn’t possible out-of-the-box.

Unless you want to set it such that you make it hard to achieve the min trust to send messages and set your active group to give people that minimum trust level for sending messages, so that once they are removed from the group, they lose that trust level and thus lose the ability to send messages. This workaround should work, but I haven’t tested it.

Thank you @osioke, that’s indeed an option. I didn’t know a group could “control” the trust level - I mean, adding or removing from group would add or remove the trust level. I thought it was specific and scoped to the user only.

Another alternative would be allowing personal messages only for people we choose or send messages to. Is it possible? I mean, disable personal messages for everyone (except for staff of course) and then manually allowing specific people that we would allow to send us a personal message (it could even be temporarily).

This would require a custom plugin, it won’t be possible out of the box in Discourse.

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