How do I disable personal messages between members, but not admin to members?

How do I disable private messages between members but not admin to members in the latest version?

Admins can send PMs to anyone.

If you want members to be able to PM staff, you can try GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-allow-pm-to-staff: Allow private messages to be sent to staff for users who could otherwise not send private messages.



You change the value of the personal message enabled groups setting to staff or admins. :slight_smile:
Users will still be able to reply to messages sent by staff or admins, but will not be able to initiate personal messages to staff or admins. There is no built-in feature that allows that.

See Jay’s reply for a third-party solution :ok_hand:


Right! I should retire that plugin.

But there is a difference, your plugin allows user to create personal messages to admins, whereas the Discourse setting only allow users to reply to personal messages initiated by the admins/staff (or whatever setting we choose).

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My understanding is that once a pm has been created everyone can participate. I’m pretty sure that the setting discussed here didn’t exist when I wrote the plugin. I’ll have another look next week.

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I have installed the plugin, and enabled the personal message enabled groups to staff and moderators, but with these settings I am able to message all the users irrespective of their roles like everyone can message everyone.
Please kindly help me out to fix this, I just want that users can message only moderators but will not be able to message among themself.

Yes, I still haven’t gotten around to installing @pfaffman’s plugin, but if it works as advertised it would provide very important functionality that in my opinion should be in Discourse’s core. On my forum and I suspect in most others, all users should be able to initiate a PM to the admin regardless of their trust level. Also if a user goes over their daily rate limit for PMs s/he should still be able to always send a new PM to the admin.

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